The Top choice in our Football Collection – From Our Almundo Series

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Introducing the FT550B-BLY-FQP Football

Experience football excellence with the FT550B-BLY-FQP. This ball delivers unparalleled performance and durability, raising your game to new levels.

Advanced Design: Featuring a cutting-edge bladder design, this ball retains air 38% longer than its predecessor, ensuring consistent performance. Enjoy improved bounce, even in low temperatures, with a 17% enhancement over previous models.

Innovative Materials: Crafted with modern convex material, this ball offers a perfect balance of flexibility and durability. Experience enhanced softness and wear resistance, with a 47% improvement over previous models.

Vibrant Design: The striking blue and yellow color combination ensures high visibility on the field, allowing for precise play in every situation.

Championship-Caliber Quality: With a circumference of 68.5-69.5 cm and a weight of 420-445 grams, this ball is ideal for professional play. Constructed with high-grade synthetic leather and thermal bonded technology, it meets FIFA Quality Pro standards for top-tier performance.

Elevate your game with the FT550B-BLY-FQP Football – the ultimate choice for top football players!