Soft, safe, and durable handball for kids’ fun and development

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Introducing the SH1-YBL Handball, a premium, child-friendly sports accessory designed for both fun and safety. This handball, featuring a size of 49.0-51.0 cm and a weight of 140-160 grams, is perfectly suited for young athletes. Crafted with an EVA foam cover material, the ball offers a soft, gentle feel that makes it ideal for children’s play.

The SH1-YBL Handball boasts a laminated construction, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. The vibrant yellow and blue color combination, highlighted by the distinctive Mikasa logo, adds a visually appealing touch that kids will love. Whether for school sports programs or casual play, this ball stands out with its eye-catching design and superior quality.

Produced in Thailand, this handball reflects Mikasa’s commitment to excellence in manufacturing. The soft texture of the ball is specifically designed to be safe for children, reducing the risk of injury during play. Its lightweight nature allows for easy handling, making it an excellent choice for young players who are just beginning to explore the sport of handball.

Choose the SH1-YBL Handball for a blend of safety, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Perfect for children’s sports activities, this handball supports their development while providing endless hours of fun.