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V200W | Official Exclusive FIVB Game Ball

Super Composite Cover
Double Dimple Surface
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Exclusive official game ball

The V200W bears the sole additional designation “FIVB Official Game Ball” and is therefore the official game ball of the World Federation (FIVB). The V200W is therefore a match ball for the Olympic Games, World and European Championships as well as all tournaments and series of the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) and the European Volleyball Federation (CEV).

Unique panel design

The V200W is a construction of eighteen perfectly balanced panel parts. The shape and aerodynamic arrangement of the panels has increased the visibility of the ball as well as the controllability of the ball. This is important because the reaction time of the eye is approx. 0.4 seconds, but the balls fly towards the players at up to 120 km/h at close range.

Improved playing characteristics

In addition to the geometric innovations, MIKASA presents the proven surface and dampening material with the V200W. Due to the so-called “Double-Dimple” technology, 32,000 smallest depressions on its microfibre skin, the V200W absorbs significantly more impact energy compared to conventional balls. Thanks to the so-called “rebound effect”, the ball stays on the player’s hands longer and control even more precisely thanks to its perfect grip. In addition, due to the increased air resistance (analogous to the behaviour of a golf ball), the speed of the ball is slightly reduced. This in turn promotes long and spectacular moves.

Anti-sweat function

The “Nano Ballon Silica” function is a sweat-absorbing property of the surface material, which ensures that the ball always retains its excellent grip, even during long and intensive plays with heavy ball contact.

Perfect ball shape

Thanks to the perfect gluing technique, the V200W is “rounder, more precise and more consistent”. The V200W only deviates from the perfect ball shape by a maximum of 1-2%.

Microfiber surface material

Another core feature of the V200W is the high-quality Microfiber surface. It gives the V200W a significantly improved soft touch thanks to the fine microfibers. The overall quality package of the V200W rounds off with a double layer “No Leak” butyl rubber bladder and a perfectly sealing special valve.