A top-quality ball, the School Pro is perfect for players of all ages and levels

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65-67 cm




Introducing the V333W, the epitome of performance and reliability in school-level volleyball. Crafted with precision and care, this school pro ball boasts high-grade synthetic leather, ensuring durability and consistent performance on the court. With a weight ranging from 260 to 280 grams and a circumference of 65-67 centimeters, the V333W strikes the perfect balance between maneuverability and stability.

Its advanced 18-panel construction enhances aerodynamics, allowing for precise ball movements and improved control during gameplay. Emblazoned with the prestigious FIVB logo, the V333W represents quality and authenticity, making it the ideal choice for school-level competitions and training sessions.

Elevate your game with the V333W – the trusted companion for aspiring volleyball players aiming to reach new heights of excellence.