The Classic Choice among Recreational Beach Volleyball Players

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Introducing the VX20 Beach Volleyball, the classic choice among recreational beach volleyball players. With its 66-68 cm circumference and stitched construction, this volleyball delivers reliability and performance with every serve and spike.

Crafted with a synthetic leather cover, the VX20 boasts durability and a soft touch, making it perfect for outdoor fun in the sun. Weighing between 260-280 grams, it strikes the ideal balance between responsiveness and control, ensuring an incredible feel for players of all skill levels.

Featuring an 18-panel design, the VX20 is designed for visibility and durability. Its tri-color panel design in blue, yellow, and white allows for easy tracking of the ball’s movement, enhancing gameplay and anticipation on the sand court.

Equipped with a butyl bladder, the VX20 ensures true shape and air retention, maintaining optimal performance throughout your beach volleyball sessions. Whether you’re spiking for victory or diving for a save, trust the VX20 to elevate your game and deliver endless hours of beach volleyball fun.