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Introducing the WP550C: A symbol of water polo excellence, this ball embodies the spirit of the sport like never before. As the exclusive official game ball of World Aquatics, it stands as the pinnacle of performance, trusted by top athletes in the world’s most prestigious games.

Crafted with Mikasa’s renowned quality, this ball transcends mere functionality—it’s a masterpiece. Recognized with the Gold Award at the New York Product Design Award 2023, its design seamlessly blends beauty and functionality, setting a new standard for water polo balls.

But what truly sets the WP550C apart is its unmatched performance. Featuring innovative “Foam Rubber” technology and an unpolished surface, it offers a grip like no other. Enjoy a remarkable 26% increase in grip, even in wet conditions, thanks to this groundbreaking design.

Yet, it’s not just about performance—it’s about sustainability too. By eliminating buffing, we’ve drastically reduced rubber waste by an impressive 99%, making the WP550C an environmentally conscious choice for players and the planet.

Experience the next level of water polo with the WP550C. From its professional-grade performance to its award-winning design and eco-conscious construction, it’s more than just a ball—it’s a game-changer. Elevate your game and make your mark with the WP550C, the top water polo ball on the market.