Rome, Italy, September 16, 2023. Only a few hours after the gala organised in the ‘eternal city’ to celebrate the CEV’s 50th anniversary and with the CEV EuroVolley 2023 Men medal matches coming up later in the day, MIKASA Corporation and the CEV signed the extension of their already long-lasting cooperation for another four years from 2024 up until 2028.

The President of MIKASA Corporation, Mr Yuji Saeki (left) / CEV President, Mr. Aleksandar Boričić (right)

MIKASA CORPORATION (hereafter called “MIKASA”) and Confédération Européenne de Volleyball (hereafter called “CEV”) have been working closely together for decades to develop Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, and most recently Snow Volleyball as well across Europe.

With this latest agreement, only MIKASA balls will continue to be used in all European continental competitions run by the CEV until 2028. Apart from their involvement with elite sport, MIKASA has also been supporting the CEV School Project ‘Play Volleyball – Grow with it’, which has helped inspire children to take their first steps in Volleyball across as many as 27 countries, thereby mobilising tens of thousands of kids while promoting a healthy lifestyle and the development of the sport at the grassroots level. Moreover, back in 2014, the CEV and MIKASA worked on the design and introduction of the iconic green and yellow ball which has ever since become synonymous with the elite CEV Champions League Volley.

The President of MIKASA Corporation, Mr Yuji Saeki commented: “MIKASA is extremely pleased to renew our partnership with the CEV as well as to be able to offer our products to people around Europe who enjoy playing Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, and Snow Volleyball. We will continue to work closely with the CEV for the development of Volleyball in all its forms.”

CEV President Mr. Aleksandar Boričić said: “A trusted partner such as MIKASA is an incredible asset we can rely on in our continuous efforts to grow the game at all levels. Throughout the years, we have developed a good understanding of each other’s needs and we thank MIKASA for all their support – which spans from the delivery of our top events to activities specifically designed for kids at the entry level of the game. We look forward to many more years of such productive and successful cooperation for the good of the sport that we all love so much.”





From Left side: Mr. L. Fernando Lima, Chairman of the Board of VW, Mr. Fabio Azevedo, General Director of FIVB, Mr. Yuji Saeki, President of Mikasa, Mr. Finn Taylor, Chief Executive Officer of VW

MIKASA CORPORATION (hereafter called “MIKASA”) and Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (hereafter called “FIVB”), Volleyball World (hereafter called “VW”) signed the extension of the cooperation for another 8 years from 2025 to 2032.

FIVB/VW have been the global leaders in volleyball, beach volleyball, and snow volleyball competitions. Mikasa has supported the success of athletes by providing high-quality balls for the international competitions.

With this agreement, MIKASA balls will continue to be the sole official ball used in the international competitions organized by FIVB/VW until 2032.  We will continue to support the athletes’ success and promote these sports.

MIKASA also supports the FIVB/VW’s development project and cooperates in activities to spread the joy of the sports all over the world. We will work together with FIVB/VW to ensure the development of the volleyball across the world.


President of MIKASA, Mr. Yuji Saeki said,

“MIKASA is extremely pleased to renew our partnership with FIVB and VW. We have enjoyed a long and cordial relationship with the FIVB and VW, and we look forward to supporting the development and success of volleyball all over the world by providing our products for people of all ages and backgrounds. “


FIVB President Dr Ary S. Graça F° said,

“MIKASA has been a loyal partner to the global volleyball family for many years and we are thrilled to be extending our relationship for another 8 years. MIKASA is invaluable to the FIVB, not only in its provision of equipment but also in its commitment to supporting development projects and activities of the FIVB across the world.  I am looking forward to the continuation of this important relationship, that will help to ensure the sustained success of our sport for many years to come.”


Volleyball World CEO, Finn Taylor said,

“Dedicated to supporting the global volleyball community, the partnership with MIKASA has made a significant impact on our sport worldwide, spanning from grassroots to the international stage. It brings me great joy to see this relationship continue, and I look forward to witnessing the continued development of volleyball.”


The signing ceremony took place at the VW Headquarters in the city of Lausanne in Switzerland, with Mr. Fabio Azevedo, General Director of FIVB, Mr. L. Fernando Lima, Chairman of the Board of VW, Mr. Finn Taylor, Chief Executive Officer of VW, and Mr. Yuji Saeki, President of MIKASA.