Mikasa takes Gold at New York Design Awards 2023

Mikasa Wins Gold at New York Product Design Awards 2023 for Water Polo Ball Innovation

Mikasa, the renowned Japanese brand synonymous with excellence in sports equipment, has achieved a remarkable accolade at the New York Product Design Awards 2023. Their redesigned water polo ball, crafted with a focus on aesthetics and performance, secured the prestigious Gold Award in the sports category.

Revamping Tradition with Innovation

The journey towards this triumph began with Mikasa’s initiative to modernize the design of their classic water polo ball. Seeking a vibrant and colorful aesthetic infused with Japanese motifs, Mikasa collaborated closely with design experts to conceptualize a ball that not only meets visual appeal but also enhances gameplay.

The new design marked a departure from the previous model, aimed at captivating young players and boosting sales. It was crucial for the ball to be prominently visible in both illuminated pools and on television screens, ensuring optimal visibility during matches and broadcasts.

Testing and Validation

Following an extensive design process, Mikasa rigorously tested prototypes in collaboration with water polo teams. The goal was to assess performance under real-world conditions, ensuring the ball’s rotation did not distract players and that it enhanced visual dynamics during gameplay and photographic moments.

The culmination of these efforts was showcased at the 2022 FINA World Cup in Budapest, where Mikasa unveiled the revamped WP550C and WP440C water polo balls. The WP550C caters to men’s teams, while the WP440C is tailored for women’s teams, both setting new benchmarks in performance and visual appeal.

Embracing Excellence

“We are honored to receive the Gold Award at the New York Product Design Awards 2023,” said a spokesperson from Mikasa. “This recognition underscores our commitment to innovation and quality in sports equipment. The redesigned water polo balls not only reflect our dedication to enhancing gameplay but also celebrate the vibrant spirit of water polo worldwide.”

Future Endeavors

Looking ahead, Mikasa remains steadfast in its mission to advance the quality and performance of its products, aligning closely with global aquatic sports standards. As the official ball of the 2023 FINA World Cup, Mikasa continues to support and elevate the sport of water polo, promising further innovations to inspire athletes and fans alike.

The Gold Award at the New York Product Design Awards 2023 not only honors Mikasa’s craftsmanship and innovation but also reinforces its position as a leader in sports equipment innovation. Stay tuned as Mikasa continues to push boundaries and redefine excellence in water polo and beyond.