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Introducing the BV550C Beach Volleyball

Step into the elite realm of beach volleyball with the BV550C – proudly recognized by the FIVB as their official game ball, marked by the prestigious logo adorning its surface. This distinction sets the BV550C apart, affirming its status as the chosen volleyball for the Olympic Games, where its excellence shines on the world stage.

Crafted to redefine standards, this ball boasts a 66-68 cm circumference, stitched construction, and a super composite cover for unparalleled durability and playability.

Imbued with Mikasa’s revolutionary TwinSTlock technology, the BV550C offers an unrivaled grip and control, delivering a softer touch and a dimpled surface for supreme play. Its unrivaled water resistance ensures unwavering performance in any environment, while its eco-conscious construction, crafted with Recycle-Nylon and Water-Based Inks, underscores our dedication to sustainability.

With an ingenious valve design ensuring longevity and resilience, and a stunning tricolor blend of Golden Sands yellow, Endless Skies blue, and Scorching Sun red, the BV550C embodies the essence of beach volleyball with sophistication and grace.

Elevate your beach volleyball game to unprecedented heights with the BV550C. Discover the superior grip, durability, and style favored by top athletes worldwide. Seize your chance to wield the BV550C today and elevate your performance on the sands