A Top Pick from our CF Series, Natural Leather with Advanced Features

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71.5- 73cm




Introducing the CF6000, our Natural Leather Basketball, meticulously designed with cutting-edge features to elevate your game to new heights. Crafted with a thin film coating, this basketball fits comfortably in players’ hands, ensuring maximum control and maneuverability on the court.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. Our basketball incorporates a special chemical composite that prevents the surface of the leather layers from coming out or being fluffed, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability.

To enhance grip and touch, air cushions are strategically placed within the ball, creating a soft yet strong grip sensation with every dribble and pass. This unique design not only enhances ball handling but also boosts shooting precision, allowing you to dominate the game with confidence.

With its exceptional touch, durability, and innovative features, our Natural Leather Basketball sets a new standard for performance and quality. Elevate your game and experience the difference today.