Our KF Rugby Ball Series: Where safety, fun, and quality is prioritized

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Introducing the KF-P rugby ball, crafted with fun and safety in mind. Designed for young rugby enthusiasts, this ball combines quality construction with a playful spirit. With a size of 62-64cm and weighing approximately 185 grams, it’s perfectly suited for kids’ hands and games.

Made in Thailand with a durable rubber cover material and rubber molded construction, this ball bears the iconic Mikasa logo, symbolizing reliability and quality. While it’s not intended for professional play, its high-quality design ensures a satisfying experience for budding rugby stars.

Safety is paramount, making this ball ideal for children’s recreational activities. Whether it’s a backyard game or a friendly match at the park, the KF-P rugby ball delivers endless hours of enjoyment and skill development. Get ready to introduce your young ones to the joy of rugby with this specially crafted kids’ size ball.