Perfect for kids’ first sport games: soft, safe, and fun

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Introducing the Leisureball SL3-YBK, the perfect companion for children experiencing their first ball games. Designed to be versatile and engaging, this ball is ideal for young ones playing soccer, volleyball, or any other sport for the first time. With a circumference of 58-60cm and weighing approximately 150 grams, it is crafted from soft EVA foam material, ensuring a gentle touch that appeals to children.

What sets the Leisureball SL3-YBK apart is its proprietary technology, which significantly reduces impact concerns, making it safe and enjoyable for kids. The ball’s cute face design adds an element of fun, capturing the interest of young players and encouraging them to get active. Made in Thailand with laminated construction, this ball guarantees durability and quality, perfect for endless hours of play.

Whether it’s kicking, throwing, or catching, the Leisureball SL3-YBK is designed to make every sport enjoyable and safe for children, helping them develop their skills and love for the game.