Olympic Games Paris 2024 Miniature ball – V1.5W



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"Approx. 15cm"






Introducing the Mikasa Mini Ball, the perfect way to inject a dash of fun into your volleyball experience. Say hello to the V1.5W-FROC, a miniature version that encapsulates the spirit of the official volleyball of the 2024 Paris Olympics in an adorable and compact design.

Whether you’re playing catch with friends or simply displaying it as a charming keepsake, this mini ball is sure to bring joy to any volleyball enthusiast’s collection. With its cute size and faithful replication of the iconic Olympic ball, it’s a delightful addition that adds a touch of whimsy to any setting.

So, why not treat yourself or surprise a fellow volleyball lover with the Mikasa Mini Ball? Embrace the fun and nostalgia it brings, and let it spark joy in every volley.