The world’s exclusive FIVB match ball, guaranteed for top performance

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65-67 cm




As the epitome of volleyball excellence, the V200W proudly holds the prestigious title of the “FIVB Official Game Ball,” serving as the chosen ball for the most renowned events in the sport, including the Olympic Games and World Championships.

Crafted with precision and innovation, the V200W features an advanced panel design consisting of eighteen precisely balanced panels. This aerodynamic construction not only enhances the ball’s visibility during gameplay but also ensures superior control, crucial for the fast-paced and dynamic nature of volleyball matches.

MIKASA’s proprietary Double-Dimple technology sets the V200W apart, providing unmatched performance on the court. By efficiently absorbing impact energy, this technology extends the ball’s contact time with players, resulting in enhanced control and precision in every play. Additionally, the V200W’s increased air resistance promotes breathtaking moves while slightly moderating ball speed, further enhancing gameplay excitement.

Designed for optimal grip and durability, the V200W incorporates Nano Ballon Silica surface material, which effectively absorbs sweat, maintaining consistent grip and control throughout even the most intense matches. Complemented by meticulous gluing techniques that ensure exceptional roundness and consistency, the V200W delivers unparalleled performance and reliability.

Experience the pinnacle of volleyball excellence with the V200W – the choice of champions and the ultimate companion for players striving for greatness on the court.