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Introducing the V400W, a testament to quality and performance in the world of volleyball. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this ball shares the design DNA of our revered V200W, ensuring excellence on the court.

Featuring a distinctive 18-panel aerodynamic design with contrasting colors, the V400W not only enhances ball movements but also elevates player control and visibility. Every game is played at its best with this precision-engineered ball.

Built with a popular-priced PU material using 18-panel lamination technology, the V400W offers optimal performance. Sized perfectly for youth volleyball standards, with a circumference of 62-64 cm and a weight ranging from 260-280 grams, it’s designed to meet the needs of the next generation of volleyball stars.

Experience the thrill of youth volleyball with the V400W – a ball designed to ignite passion and elevate performance for players of all levels.