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Introducing the 4009-O Handball, a size 2 variant of the 4000-O. Crafted with the same dedication to quality and performance, this handball offers a slightly smaller circumference of 54-56 cm and a lighter weight of 325-350 grams, making it ideal for younger players or those seeking precision handling.

Made with durable rubber material and featuring rubber molded construction, the 4009-O Handball ensures reliable performance and long-lasting durability on the court. Its vibrant orange color and bold black Mikasa logo add a touch of style to your game, while its superior craftsmanship guarantees optimal playability.

Produced in Thailand with meticulous attention to detail, this handball upholds Mikasa’s reputation for excellence in sports equipment. Whether you’re honing your skills in practice or competing at the highest level, the 4009-O Handball delivers consistent performance and reliable ball control, helping you elevate your game with every play.

Experience the precision and reliability of the 4009-O Handball. With its premium construction and versatile design, this handball is perfect for players of all ages and skill levels, offering a superior playing experience that enhances your performance on the court.