Perfect your game with the Official Practice ball of the FIVB

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Introducing the BV551C Beach Volleyball

Hailed as the official practice ball of the FIVB, adorned with the prestigious logo of its official supplier. While its appearance may echo that of its elite counterpart, the BV550C, the BV551C carves its own path as the trusted choice for practice sessions and training drills.

Crafted from high-grade synthetic leather and meticulously machine-stitched, the BV551C offers reliability and durability for every serve and spike. Its 260-280 gram weight and 66-68 cm circumference ensure a comfortable feel and consistent performance on the court.

Equipped with Mikasa’s original TwinSTlock feature, this ball provides enhanced grip and control, empowering players to hone their skills with precision and confidence. Whether you’re perfecting your serves or refining your digs, the BV551C delivers the reliability and performance you need to elevate your game.

With its bold design and tricolor blend reminiscent of its elite counterpart, the BV551C captures the essence of beach volleyball with style and flair. Join the ranks of aspiring athletes and seasoned professionals alike who trust in the BV551C to bring their practice sessions to life.

Elevate your training regimen with the BV551C Beach Volleyball. Unleash your potential, perfect your technique, and prepare to dominate the sands with Mikasa’s trusted practice ball.